Resistance Bands Exercise Guide


With such a multitude of fitness equipment available in today’s world, it can sometimes be easy to forget just how simple it is to get a little fitter. There is no need to have complex and advanced equipment strapped to each part of your body, or racks with heavy weights. All you need is to push your body that bit further than you did the previous day. One excellent way to do this is with Resistance Bands.

Resistance bands are a cheap means of training your entire body. Although they may not be the most useful for those looking to add mass bulk to their muscles, resistance band workouts are great for increasing strength and muscle. Being a versatile piece of equipment, resistance bands can also be used for high-intensity HITT workouts if you seek to improve your cardio fitness and burn a lot of calories.

Unlike many other pieces of equipment, resistance bands are probably the most portable pieces of fitness equipment one can own. Easy to put in your luggage, you can have a resistance bands workout wherever you go. Whether that be a hotel, garden or park.


Short answer – yes, resistance bands work exceptionally to train muscle and endurance. When observing resistance bands exercises from a distance, one may think they look tamer than normal strength workouts, however, they can add serious value to your physique. That’s because unlike dumbbells, kettlebells and weight plates, which remain equally heavy throughout the rep, resistance bands get more difficult as they are pulled apart. When a resistance band is stretched, it generates an increased amount of tension, which your muscles must overcome. With the tension of the bands varying, matching the right band to the right exercise is crucial. 

Resistance bands all work similarly, however they are not the same. You can get tube bands, loop bands or pull-up bands, each offering different benefits and workout possibilities. In the workout below, only two types of bands are used. However, we recommend our loop bands for recovery and rehabilitation.

different types of resistance band

Here at RPM Power, we have 3 main different types of resistance bands. These are:

  • Unbreakable Tube Bands 
  • Pull-Up Bands
  • Loop Bands 

pull-up bands

Pull-Up Bands work in a similar way but are even more robust. These bands are probably the most frequently used by fitness enthusiasts. They have more potential for developing muscle and the variety of resistance band exercises one can do. With four different levels of resistance available, the thicker the band, the greater the resistance. If you have difficulty doing a pull up, these bands are perfect for assisting your form in any way possible.

Simply loop the bands around the pull up bar to aid your pull up progress. In terms of exercises one can do with our Pull-Up bands set, the options are near endless.

Including 4 x different levels of resistance bands and 2 x robust handles, 2 x steel karabiners, 1 x door anchor, 2 x ankle straps, 1 x storage bag and 1 x workout guide, these resistance bands are ideal for any home workout.


Unbreakable Resistance Tube Bands are long pieces of natural high-strength latex which have handles at the end. Being very similar to looped resistance bands, they are a more practical way to add resistance to upper body exercises such as rows, side raises and bicep curls.

Our unbreakable resistance tube bands include 2 x handles, 2 x ankle straps, 2 x carabiners and a door anchor, making them an exceptionally versatile piece of equipment.

With the 5 different levels of bands being interchangeable, increase or decrease the level of difficulty to train your entire body with ease. The handles on the resistance tubes offer the advantage of being able to be anchored anywhere, allowing it to be easier to get a gym-like workout on the go. 

loop bands

Loop bands are the ideal set of bands for activation stretching, flexibility exercises and resistance training. Being highly-elastic and durable, the bands allow for intense & controlled muscle tension for effective results. These resistance loop bands come in 5 different levels of resistance.

resistance band exercises

1 . Bicep curls

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart and the middle of the band under your feet.
  • Grab the ends of the band and pull the band towards your shoulders.
  • Slowly lower back down.
  • Repeat exercise 15-20 times. 


Targets: Biceps, Shoulders



  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart and the middle of the band under your feet.
  • Hold the ends of the band up to your shoulders with arms bent.
  • Lower into a squat position.
  • Hold this position for 10 seconds and then slowly return to the starting position.
  • Repeat squat 10-15 times.
  • For variation and a further challenge, once in the squat position you can hold this pose for longer before returning to the starting position. 


Targets: Glutes, Thighs, Core



  • For this exercise, you are going to need to use the door anchor and loop the band through the bottom section of the anchor.
  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart and placed in the middle of the band. 
  • Take handles and lift until arms are bent at shoulder height. 
  • Lift handles above your head, keeping shoulders down.
  • Slowly lower back down to shoulder height.
  • Repeat exercise 10-15 times. 


Targets: Shoulders, Core, Biceps



  • Stand with the left foot in front of the right, and with the middle of the band under the left foot.
  • Take the handles of the band with palms facing towards you. 
  • Bend knees into a lunge and curl the handles towards your shoulders.
  • Slowly lower handles back down.
  • Repeat exercise 10-15 times.


Targets: Biceps, Glutes, Calves



  • Put the band flat on the ground. Stand on the band approximately halfway through its length with the heel of your foot.
  • Hold the band with your palms facing down and bend your knees slightly. 
  • Your back should be straight (almost parallel to the floor). 
  • While exhaling pull up the band upwards along the length of your thighs and squeeze your back muscles. 
  • While inhaling lower the band back to the starting position.
  • Repeat 8-12 times.


Targets: Back, Shoulders, Triceps


6. Chest Fly

  • Start this exercise with the band behind you back holding it in each hand to create tension.
  • Stand up straight and hold onto the resistance band with straigth arms and hands shoulder width apart. 
  • Slowly pull the band out to both sides and then slowly draw it back in. 
  • Repeat exercise 10-25 times depending on the chosen band.


Targets: Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Chest


7. Chest press

  • To start this exercise, use the door anchor to connect the bands at mid-height to the door.
  • This is a good opportunity to use the handles that come with your bands.
  • Get yourself into a stable position where one leg is extended in front of the other with your knees slightly bent.
  • Wih the resistance band now suspended behind the door, secure a handle in each hand and slowly press the bands straight outwards. 
  • Repeat this 8-10 times

Targets: Chest, Arms

8. Leg raises

  • Use the door anchor to attacht the band to the door, then put on your ankle straps and attach the band.
  • Standing straight and upright, slowly raise your legs out to the point where there is solid resistance.
  • It is important that you are in a position where you are able to create tension on the band. If you are too close to the door, it will not be sufficient to hold tension
  • Repeat 8-12 reps.

Targets: Glutes, Hamstrings, Hip Flexors


9. Knee tuck

  • For this exercise, you will need to use both ankle straps and a door anchor. 
  • Start this exercise lying on your back with both feet in the straps. 
  • Make sure you are in a position where there is sufficient tension on the band. Slowly bring your knees into your chest, squeezing your stomach as you do. 
  • Extend your knees back out to the position where you started. 
  • Repeat 8-10 reps depending on the level of resistance band chosen. 

Targets: Core



  • Attach the band to a high stable anchor (e.g door frame).
  • Kneel down with your back facing the band and grab the handles of the band.
  • Engage your core and crunch towards your lower body.
  • Slowly rise back up.
  • Repeat exercise 10-15 times.


Targets: Core, Glutes, Shoulders



To summarise, resistance bands are the ideal tool for endurance, strength and muscular rehabilitation. 

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