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Build strength and tone with Powerspin® – the original upper-body isometric exerciser


Powerspin is easy to use: Simply grip it tightly with one or both of your hands and slowly begin to rotate the internal ball around the tube. As you build momentum, the ball will start to gain speed and the muscles in your arms and shoulder will start to work. Depending on the way in which you hold your Powerspin (there are a number of different exercises you can do) and the speed at which you spin it, you can successfully engage a wide range of muscle groups in the arm and shoulder for targeted strengthening, toning and rehabilitation.

The Powerspin utilises isometric resistance to quickly engage a higher percentage of muscle fiber compared to regular isotonic free weight training.

Yes, Powerspin is suitable for rehabilitating a wide range of injuries and conditions, particularly RSI (tennis elbow, tendonitis, golfer’s elbow), rotator cuff injuries and arm and shoulder impingement injuries.

Powerspin develops 100% non-impact resistance which may be used to rehabilitate elbow RSI, upper arm and shoulder impingement injuries through enhanced blood flow and tendon strengthening. Find our full range of rehabilitation videos for Powerspin on our videos page:

This is entirely up to you! We recommend using Powerspin for anywhere between 5-10 minutes a day depending on your fitness level and strengthening goals. However, take it at your own pace. You should see your stamina improve the more you use it and the stronger you become, time yourself and see!

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We have created a video tutorial to help you learn how to start your Powerspin, please see more here.