Gaming Injuries: How to Solve and Rehabilitate Common Gamer Injuries

Gaming Injuries

There are many questions one can ask themselves to confirm if they are a true gamer.

Indicators such as getting lost in time, eye pain and a lack of sleep are common qualms which face most serious gamers. Another common issue which is arguably more serious than the others is if your hands, wrists or fingers are sometimes in pain. Unfortunately for serious gamers, dealing with hand and wrist pain is something that a lot of gamers will have to deal with in their careers.

Common alignments such as gamers wrist, gamers thumb, gamers elbow, de quervain’s tensoynovitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and ulnar wrist pain all plague gamers on a regular basis.

If you have ever had to stop in the middle of your game or session to flex your hands or wrists due to cramping or discomfort, you can benefit from incorporating some of the following products into your routine. Although gaming will not require the same use of muscles weight lifters are so obsessed with, regular gaming will put a lot of stress on your hands and wrists, which can cause a lot of pain.

But fear not, in today’s blog, we will be going over the many RPM products that can fix such common gaming injuries, as well as how these products can help rehabilitate your gaming injuries also.

Common Gaming Injuries

1. Medial Epicondylosis:

For many avid gamers, the difference between a win or a loss is a matter of split seconds between the reaction time mid-game. The difference between winning and losing at a high level is often the player who knows all the locations and has an incredible aim. These reaction times stem from the forearms where a large amount of the fast twitch fibres in the tendons are located.

Medial Epicondylitis is an injury which occurs in the flexor tendons within the forearm. These tendons control the wrists and fingers which attach to the inner-elbow. The muscles which are involved are the flexor muscles close to the hand and wrist. Common to console gamers, this injury is regularly referred to as ‘trigger elbow’.

2. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is commonly found in gamers. The alignment is typically caused by repetitive gripping with an extended wrist. Arguably the most common of all gamers’ injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome affects both console and computer gamers, because of the regularity of repetitive motion.

Symptoms such as hand numbness, thumb numbness and tingling in the hands are regular signs of carpal tunnel syndrome. The most successful mechanisms for recovering from carpal tunnel syndrome involve correct stretching and proper warm-up before gaming. However, gaming rehabilitation with RPM Power products is simple, scroll down for more information.

3. Mouse Elbow

Mouse elbow is a common gamer injury which applies to the extensor tendons of the forearm. These tendons control the wrists and fingers which attach to the outside of the elbow. The muscles involved are the extensor muscles which can cause pain in the elbow when gaming. The most commonly effected gamers injury of mouse elbow is computer users, although it can be found in console gamers as well.

Healthy hands, wrists and forearms result in faster, stronger fingers and hands. By performing regular exercises with the below products, you can improve your grip and increase blood circulation, endurance, dexterity – all of which will improve your performance and give you a competitive advantage.

4. Mouse Shoulder

Mouse shoulder is a common alignment which occurs in the proximal tendon. This is the tendon, which is found in the long head of the biceps. Due to frequent use of the elbow and shoulder flexion by gamers, mouse shoulder is frequently found in PC gamers because of frequent mouse use.

Unlike tendinopathy, tendinitis results from imbalances in muscle contraction as a result of frequent gaming. Common signs of mouse shoulder will include pain in the upper arm and front portion of your shoulder, as well as forward and upward movements of the shoulder.

5. Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Cubital tunnel syndrome is an impingement or irritation of the ulnar nerve inside the cubital tunnel of the elbow. Commonly referred to as the funny bone, when the ulnar nerve becomes irritated due to pressure or inflammation, it can be very uncomfortable for gamers and is a common gaming injury.

Cubital tunnel syndrome is found in console gamers due to the positioning of their hands and arms while they grip the controller. For console gamers, you can be more likely to develop cubital tunnel syndrome when leaning your elbows on a platform or your knees when gaming. Common signs of cubital tunnel syndrome are numbness, weakness and tingling in the fingers and pinky side of your hand.

Solving Gaming Injuries

So far, we’ve concluded that there are a lot of different injuries which frequent gamers will face. However, there is a solution to improving your gaming performance and preventing injury without having to spend an additional 1000 hours playing. Let’s take a look at some of RPM Power’s most popular products when it comes to solving and rehabilitating gaming injuries.

Powerball and gaming rehab

For gaming injuries such as medial epicondilitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and mouse elbow, spinning Powerball at slow speeds can increase blood flow and circulation throughout the arms.

The intensity of your exercise with Powerball can be as gentle or as powerful as you like – you control the speed of your recovery.

Even at low spin speeds, Powerball’s isometric resistance still massively increases circulation throughout the entire kinetic chain of the arm, bringing healing, oxygen-rich nutrients to damaged tissue in the wrist. These nutrients act fast to relieve any pain and repair and rejuvenate injured muscles, tendons and bones. And that’s not even the best part…

Reduce stiffness, enhance flexibility and increase circumduction (range of motion) in the wrist joint – it’s as easy as spinning Powerball. Exercising with Powerball increases the production of synovial fluid with lubricates the wrist joint. This reduces any pain and stiffness caused by injury and allows you to gain power, increase flexibility and recover strength in the wrist. Powerball is amazing at rehabilitating gaming injuries such as wrist tendonitis, de quervain’s tenosynovitis. gamers elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. All it takes is 3 minutes a day with Powerball to see the benefits of this unique gyroscope.



Wrist strength training isn’t always something that gamers think about and tends to get forgotten in the shadow of a tricep and bicep workouts. But that’s just it – you need strong wrists to go about even lifting a dumbbell and any serious gamer should be aware of the importance of wrist strength training when it comes to gaming injuries. Everyone who uses their wrists on a daily basis (and that really is everyone) should know of the importance of daily wrist strengthening exercises.

Our Metal Grip Strengtheners are the perfect grip workout tools for maintaining wrist and hand health. For injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, gamers elbow, and de quervain’s tenosynovitis, a metal gripper can help you immensely. Just some of the benefits of using a Power Gripper include:

  • Building strong wrists, hands and forearms
  • Increasing grip strength
  • Rehabilitating wrist injuries
  • Preventing future wrist injury

Adjustable Powergripper

The adjustable PowerGripper is a perfect warm up tool for gaming performance, helping to rapidly warm up the forearm flexor and extensor muscles and driving blood flow into the tissue to help prevent injury during gaming sessions to prevent gaming injuries.

The perfect accessory to keep close to your gaming console, a 5 second progressive squeeze at the desired resistance level will place a strong loading on the muscles in the forearm and help develop massive grip strength and very strong fingers, allowing you to rehabilitate gaming injuries and gaming-related alignments.

Finger strength & gaming

The Isometric Finger Gripper from RPM Power® is the perfect tool for any gamer looking to build finger grip strength and regain muscle power in the hands and forearms. A particularly useful product for video gamers who may be suffering from gaming injuries, the Isometric Finger Gripper allows you to target and strengthen individual fingers for enhanced joint dexterity and flexibility.

RPM Power finger trainers are great for dealing with common finger injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.



An engaging and highly addictive pocket sized exerciser designed to maintain the health, strength and conditioning of the hands & fingers for all ages and fitness levels. Each Skrunch is filled with 300grams of extra fine micro-base silica crystal wrapped securely inside two layers of durable latex to ensure a supremely comfortable yet engaging “squeeze” each time you use it. Perfect pinch gripper for individual finger exercises, gaming rehabilitation and squeeze grip.

Skrunch is effective in dealing with gaming injuries such as gamers thumb, gamers elbow, wrist tendonitis, finger pain, ulnar wrist pain and RSI wrist damage.


Powergripper Ring & Gaming Injury

Build strength and power in your fingers, hand, wrist & forearm with the Power Gripper® Ring. Perfect for rehabilitating gaming injuries, simply pinch and squeeze the rubber hand gripper to stimulate and challenge the muscles in the hand area. Ideal for those looking to improve forearm grip for grip-based e-sports like gaming, Improve your grip on the rehabilitation of gaming injuries.

Training with a grip ring is great for common wrist injuries like gamers thumb, gamers elbow, wrist tendonitis, de quervain’s tenosynovitis, ulnar wrist pain and RSI wrist damage.


To conclude, the above products are a great way to keep close to your while you game, ensuring that your limbs and wrists stay mobile and injury-free in your sessions.

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