Power Gripper Metal Series – Exercise Guide

The wrist is one of the most active joints in the body. We rely on our wrists to greatly extend the mobility of our hands and fingers and the joint is usually involved with most of the tasks we carry out during the day. From computer use to housework, driving to playing sports – it’s easy to take strong wrists for granted. That is – until they suddenly become weak from injury or overuse.

Wrist strength training isn’t always something that people think about and tends to get forgotten in the shadow of a tricep and bicep workout. But that’s just it – you need strong wrists to go about even lifting a dumbbell and any serious gym goer should be aware of the importance of wrist strength training when it comes to staying healthy and in shape. And not just fitness enthusiasts, but everyone – everyone who uses their wrists on a daily basis (and that really is everyone) should know of the importance of daily wrist strengthening exercises.

Our Metal Grip Strengtheners are the perfect grip workout tools for maintaining wrist and hand health. Just some of the benefits of using a Power Gripper include:

  • Building strong wrists, hands and forearms
  • Increasing grip strength
  • Rehabilitating wrist injuries
  • Preventing future wrist injury

Follow our exercise guide to see how you can use your Metal Power Gripper to strengthen and rehabilitate your fingers, hand, wrist and forearms. This guide is suitable for all fitness levels (from beginner to pro) and will help you to properly use and get maximum benefit from your new grip strength tool.

Don't have a Power Gripper? Don't worry!

We offer a variety of Metal Grip Strengtheners in our online store. With seven resistances ranging from 50lbs – 350lb, there is a Metal Power Gripper for all ages and fitness levels. We recommend starting with a Gripper of low resistance and gradually increasing the resistance level as you grow stronger. This is especially true for rehabilitation purposes – we recommend you start with a Gripper of low resistance, such as our 50lbs Pink or 100lbs Purple Grippers.

General Guidelines – Before Starting Your Gripper Training

Just 5 minutes a day of metal gripper strengthening exercises significantly improves wrist joint performance. Before you begin, it is highly recommended that you warm up by squeezing the Power Gripper gently for a few seconds. Squeeze and hold the Gripper fully closed, keeping this position for 15-30 seconds. Release and repeat this exercise with the other hand. This will stretch out the hand and fingers and ensure that the joint is loosened before you begin training.

Metal Gripper Strengthening Exercises – Beginner

Below are three types of exercises that you can carry out using your new Power Gripper. These exercises are designed for people who are starting to strengthen their wrist and hand for the first time, as well as those looking to rehabilitate from injury. The difficulty of these exercises will also depend on the resistance level of the Gripper you are using. For example, the higher the resistance of your Gripper, the more difficult the exercise will be.

Each exercise focuses on engaging a specific part of the hand:

Build Grip Strength
Hold the Power Gripper so that your fingers and thumb are grasped fully around the handle as shown. Begin to progressively squeeze the bars. This exercise targets the wrist and forearm with maximum impact on grip strength.

Build Finger Strength
Hold the Gripper using the fingers and thumb as illustrated (extended out from the palm and with straight fingers). Begin to progressively squeeze the bars. This exercise targets the thumb & palm with maximum impact on finger strength.

Build Wrist Strength
Hold the Power Gripper firmly, such that your thumb is aligned vertically with the handle as shown and keeping the Gripper upright. This exercise targets the fingers and thumb with maximum impact on wrist strength.

Suggestions for each exercise

There are a number of ways to complete each of the above exercises:
  • 30-Second Squeeze Squeeze and hold the Gripper fully closed, keeping this position for 15-30 seconds. Release and repeat this exercise with the other hand.
  • Squeeze & Hold Squeeze and hold the Gripper fully closed. Hold this position for as long as you can, making note of how long you can maintain the position. Repeat with the other hand. Next time you practice this exercise, try to match, if not exceed, the maximum amount of time you can squeeze the Gripper.
  • Squeeze & Repeat Instead of squeezing and holding the Gripper closed, you can also perform 15 individual reps of opening and closing the device fully. Complete with each hand.
The intensity of your training is up to you. We recommend a maximum of 3 cycles of each exercise a day for stronger users. It is important to know your limits and never over-exert yourself when carrying out any rehabilitation or strengthening exercises.

Metal Gripper Strengthening Exercises – Advanced

Once you’ve spent time practicing Exercises 1-3, you can start making a few modifications which will increase the difficulty of each exercise. This will allow you to constantly challenge your hand and fingers and help further build grip strength. For each modification, all you need to do is remove one or more fingers from the Gripper while practicing Exercises 1-3. Begin by removing just one finger, gradually removing the others as you progress through your strength training programme.

Techniques & Tips

Hold the ends of the handles for better control when using only a couple of fingers.

If you’re having difficulty, hold the Gripper upside down – it’s easier to squeeze!

It’s recommended to stretch your hands and fingers out before AND after you exercise with your Gripper!

Build a habit

Implementing these Metal Gripper strengthening exercises into your daily routine is an important step to maintaining proper wrist and hand health. It might be a good idea to keep your Power Gripper in a visible and easily-accessible spot, so that you can pick it up now and again for regular strengthening throughout the day.

For a more structured routine, we recommend setting yourself daily exercise reminders until exercising with your Gripper becomes a habit. Set alerts on your phone or try to tie Gripper exercise to an everyday activity, such as your morning coffee, commuting or taking a break. Associating exercise with a natural task of the day is an effective way to continue to practice a balanced exercise regime.

Enjoying Your Power Gripper?

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