Powerball: Effective Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

Powerball: Effective Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a long-term neurodegenerative disorder, which affects the way the brain co-ordinates the movements of the body, such as walking, talking and writing. Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease usually develop slowly over a number years and can affect people in different ways. However, people suffering from this condition will generally experience either tremors, slowness of movement (brandykinesia) or muscle rigidity, if not a combination of all three.

Although there is currently no cure for the condition, there are a number of things that can lessen the impact of some side effects and help with the overall treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Practicing regular exercises is one such method of treatment that can have impactful benefits for Parkinson’s patients.

What is Powerball?

Powerball is a handheld gyroscopic exerciser that can provide both relief and strength to anyone suffering from the disease. Powerball is powerful, easy to use and can help to combat symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, such as:

  • Reduce stiffness & muscle rigidity
  • Increase hand & arm flexibility
  • Relieve pain caused by muscle tension
  • Build strength to prevent muscle wastage
  • Promote coordination & sense of balance
Powerball is physician-approved and used by over 4 million people worldwide for effective rehabilitation and strengthening results. Continue reading for more information on how Powerball can help with the treatment for Parkinson’s disease.
powerball for parkinson's disease treatment

How is Powerball beneficial in the treatment for Parkinson’s disease?

Prevent muscle wastage

Slowness of movement and muscle rigidity in Parkinson’s patients can sometimes make it difficult to practice normal muscle range of motion. That’s why regular strengthening is very important in the treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Maintaining healthy and strong muscles prevents atrophy (muscle wastage), which occurs when muscles become underused.

As one of the world’s most effective isometric exercisers, Powerball can stop and prevent the symptoms of muscle wastage. Isometric exercise does not lengthen or shorten the length of a muscle like standard concentric and eccentric exercises do.

Instead, isometric exercise engages a muscle from deep within its core, keeping it stationary yet working it hard. For this reason, exercise with Powerball is highly-effective for strengthening and muscle building yet, is still 100% non-impact and pain-free. This allows you to strengthen your muscles, even with minimal effort and makes Powerball very beneficial in the treatment for Parkinson’s disease.


Reduce stiffness & increase flexibility

Muscle rigidity and stiffness are primary symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and can make even simple movements difficult to carry out. Exercise with Powerball can be extremely beneficial in the treatment for Parkinson’s disease, as it relieves stiffness by loosening out tight muscles and joints.

This happens two ways:

1. Spinning Powerball promotes the circulation of blood, which helps to relieve tension and pain and loosen out tight muscles.

2. Spinning Powerball stimulates the production of synovial fluid, which helps increase flexibility and range of motion in joints.

The combination of both benefits means less stiffness and more mobility for anyone suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

improve coordination and sense of balance

Spinning Powerball requires a little bit of technique and coordination. Depending on your strengthening goals, you can spin Powerball as fast or as slow as you like, it’s completely up to you. We recommend starting slow and gradually increasing your spin speed as you gain more and more strength in your arms, hands and wrists. Once you’re comfortable with Powerball, you can try varying your efforts, moving from slow to fast spin speeds and back again.

Focusing on maintaining certain spin speeds like this engages not only your muscles, but also your mind. In this way, exercise with Powerball is effective for anyone suffering from Parkinson’s disease who wants to build on their coordination skills and improve their sense of balance.

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other benefits of powerball for parkinson's patients

1. Non-impact exercise

Isometric exercise with Powerball is 100% non-impact, meaning it places absolutely zero strain on sore or painful muscles. So, when you exercise with Powerball, you need never worry about overexerting yourself or sustaining an injury in the process.

280 Hz autostart pro parkinson

2. Ease of use

At the size of a tennis ball, Powerball fits securely and comfortably in your hand. Very little grip strength is required to spin Powerball at slow speeds, so you can use this product even if you cannot fully grasp the ball due to pain in the hand or forearm.

280 hz classic for treatment of parkinson's disease

3. Simple to start

It takes very little effort to start Powerball. If you are a first-time user of Powerball, we recommend starting off with one of our Autostart modelsTo start Autostart Powerball, simply wind the rotor back a couple of turns and release. This is quite easy to do, however, if you find that muscle stiffness or tremors are making this difficult to do, you can also roll Powerball across a flat table to get it started. See here for more information on how to start your Powerball.

280Hz autostart pro for treatment of parkinson's disease

4. Fun & addicting

Powerball takes the monotony out of strengthening and rehabilitation. One of our Powerball models is fitted with colourful LED lights, which create a mesmerising lightshow as you spin. The faster you spin, the brighter and more epic the glow.
Many of our Powerball models are fitted with a battery-free speed meter that allows you to track your strengthening process and spin speeds. The speed meter will even save your highest spin speed, so you can keep motivated to beat your high score.

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other strengthening products to aid with the treatment of parkinson's disease

We offer a wide range of strengthening and rehabilitation products, which complement Powerball exercise perfectly for maximum results. Each piece of strengthening equipment serves its own function and provides its own individual benefits depending on your needs. Find the perfect strength tool for you today: build strength, rehabilitate/prevent injury, relieve tension & stress or combat stiffness in the muscles – there is a strength tool for everyone.

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Adjustable Powergripper®

Powerball® 280Hz Autostart Pro

PowerGripper® Blue 150lb (Medium)

Physio-designed exercise programmes

Here at RPM Power, we’ve worked closely with physio therapists to design comprehensive video and exercise programmes that exercise and strengthen from fingertip to shoulder. Each programme is easy to follow and will be beneficial with the treatment for Parkinson’s disease. You can check out the range of videos available on our videos page or watch the examples below for wrist and forearm strengthening exercises.

Physiotherapist’s short summary of Powerball
Rehabilitation exercises

As Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative condition, using Powerball cannot prevent or cure this disease. However, regular exercise with Powerball can lessen certain side effects of Parkinson’s and can help to improve overall muscle movement, including providing pain relief and increased flexibility. However, due to the fact that there are many stages of Parkinson’s disease, we recommend first consulting with your doctor or physio therapist before using Powerball or any exercise device.

If you have any questions about how Powerball can help in the treatment for Parkinson’s disease, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@powerballs.com for more information. We would be delighted to help you.

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