Combat Repetitive Strain Injury from Driving


Having your arms in unnatural positions for long periods along with the constant vibrations from the steering wheel can leave you in discomfort or pain. Repetitive strain injury (RSI) from driving is much more common than you’d think and can affect your hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders. Powerball is a revolutionary rehabilitation tool that prevents and rehabilitates from all manner of repetitive strain injuries, including those caused by driving.

See for yourself why over 4 million people worldwide have benefited from Powerball use and trust this powerful device to guide their recovery.

Rehabilitate RSI and Other InjuriesBoost Circulation Reduce Joint StiffnessPrevent Repetitive Strain Injury from Driving


Rehabilitate RSI and Other Injuries

Exercising with Powerball on a daily basis gives relief from pain caused by truckers shoulder, carpal tunnel, wrist pain, tennis elbow, and all other types of repetitive strain injuries that effect drivers from fingertip to shoulder. Powerball rehabilitates this by:

  • Reducing inflammation & pain with unique isometric exercise
  • Increasing flexibility and mobility in affected joints
  • Increasing oxygen & nutrient-rich blood to the muscles and connecting tendons
  • Cutting rehab times from RSI dramatically
  • Improving overall strength & general health of muscles and tendons

Boost Circulation

Keeping your hands stationary for long periods of time is one of the largest risks when it comes to driving. Circulation is weakened and you might feel your hands become numb or cold as a result.
It’s important to keep circulation flowing while driving, as this ensures that the body gets enough oxygen and all of the vital nutrients it needs. Powerball is a great way to boost circulation during periods of inactivity. Simply keep Powerball in your glovebox and give it a spin when you feel the effects of driving start to take over.*

*Keep your attention on the road! It’s important that you never distract yourself while driving, so always pull over if you’re planning to give Powerball a quick spin.


Reduce Joint Stiffness

Spinning Powerball promotes the production of synovial fluid, which lubricates the elbow joint and alleviates any stiffness that may have developed while driving. Increase range of motion, build flexibility and reduce stiffness – it’s as easy as picking up a Powerball. Even from the very first use of Powerball you will begin to feel the difference as muscle stiffness starts to fade away within only a few seconds.


Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury from Driving

Long sessions spent behind the wheel, driving for hours each day, presents several challenges to wrists, arms & shoulders. Lack of regular arm motion; repeated overuse of one set of muscles; wrists compressed or bent at unnatural angles for lengthy periods; vibration – all combine to stress & fatigue muscles, eventually inflaming connecting tendons in the elbow and wrist joints, causing stiffness, reduced range of motion, numbness and pain.

While most of these factors are unavoidable when it comes to driving, spinning Powerball can prevent the risks associated with driving from taking hold. All it takes is 3 minutes a day to feel the difference. Powerball exercise maintains circulation and strong muscles; and will keep you feeling healthy and strong from fingertip to shoulder.



Follow Tennis Elbow Treatment Programs

Here at Powerball, we’ve worked closely with physical therapists and sports injury professionals to design helpful exercise videos with your rehabilitation in mind. Check out the range of video programs on our videos page or watch the accompanying video for a step-by-step guide to RSI rehab and strengthening.


An Extra Layer of Body Armour While Driving

Click on the pages below for more information on how Powerball trains your muscles and lowers your risk of developing an injury from regular driving

Computer UseHeavy Manual WorkLight Manual WorkRepetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)

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Physician approved

I find that Powerball works very efficiently to both strengthen grip and rehab arm conditions for sportspeople and patients. Additionally, I find Powerspin to be highly beneficial for shoulder and upper back rehabilitation.

Dr. Aidan W.D. Robinson,
D.C., M.Sc (Chiro), MRCCSEF, CCEP

ITRM Clinical Director.


I’m 49 years old and work in a dialysis clinic where I must make a lot of accurate wrist movements from left to right and right to left many times daily. 7 years ago, I developed severe tendinitis and a cyst in my right hand.

I had surgery to remove the cyst but couldn’t cure the tendinitis. I went to a lot of doctors for rehabilitation but none of them could help me to get back to work. Then my son told me about Powerball® and I couldn’t let go of this little ball. It took me just 4 weeks of using Powerball® to get better and return to work. I’ve been using Powerball® from that day and haven’t had tendinitis again. Thanks for giving me my wrist back.

Jorge Rizzetto, Buenos Aires, Argentina.



“When I was 24, I started feeling an acute pain in my right wrist especially when I tried to exercise. My doctor told me I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and would need surgery.

I started looking for other forms of exercise that could help with my problem and purchased a Powerball®. After a few months of use, the numbness in my fingers decreased a lot. It’s now been 3 years since I’m using Powerball® and the numbness has disappeared. I recently started climbing and can feel a huge difference – before Powerball® I couldn’t open a bottle of soda with my right hand and now I climb on the wall almost without problems, thank you guys!”

Razvan Turcase, Timis, Romania


I got tennis elbow from constantly using my laptop and it was a major issue. It got so bad, I couldn’t lift a glass of water using my right arm, my elbow would just give way. I started some exercise to help strengthen and rebuild but it was hard going, causing me more injury at times.

I got really fed up with the pain and having a useless arm, especially since I am right handed, so I went searching online for something better and discovered Powerball®. I used it regularly and it really has given strength back and reduced my pain considerably, a fantastic outcome. It’s all taken only a few weeks so it’s a great result as I suffered for months before this.

Michael Cutler, Bristol, UK


I am a professional musician in a symphony orchestra in Glasgow, Scotland and experienced RSI problems down the front and back of my left forearm as a result of playing viola for a living. My arm and wrist were constantly throbbing from the moment I woke up in the morning.

I tried many different remedies for my problems; massages, acupuncture, ibuprofen cooling gel, stretches. Nothing helped. Then I saw Powerball® advertised online. Within 48hrs of its arrival, my problems were already getting noticeably better. After a just week the RSI had disappeared entirely. This was after a solid 8 months of problems. You can imagine how much this means to me, thank you so much!

Rik Evans, Glasgow, Scotland


I’ve been suffering with Golfers Elbow for some time and use my Powerball when it gets really uncomfortable, I exercise with Powerball for a couple of minutes then, as if by magic the aches ease away and my arm is trouble free for about a week. No permanent cure yet, but 2 weeks totally rested and filled with Ibuprofen didn’t provide a medical cure either. At least this Powerball gives me around a week of pain relief for a couple of minutes of exercise, and virtually instant too.

***** Updated – very rarely have problem with my Golfers Elbow / Tendinitis, however, when I do, no medication required, I just use this ball until I get a burning sensation, I repeat as required over the following few days until the tendinitis has gone – son still uses the Powerball too it improves his grip and strength in his hands and arms for Mountain and Downhill biking. *****

5 Star Amazon Review



4 years ago, I started a desk job that involved typing and using a mouse all day. Within a few months, I had shooting wrist pain from RSI and knew I needed to do something to avoid long-term health issues.

After some intense Internet searching, it seemed I could hold off a doctor’s visit and more expensive treatment by improving my wrist strength so I bought Powerball® and started using it during free moments at work. I found that when I start to feel a little tension in my wrists, a few minutes with Powerball® at low speed relieved discomfort immediately. 4 years on and no complications from repetitive stress or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – I owe the fact that I’m not wearing a brace to Powerball®.

Andrew Howe, Philadelphia, USA



I’m a drummer who was suffering with De Quervains Tenosynivitis. Since I started using Powerball®, I have found that my symptoms have dramatically improved. Not only has it been a huge help to me when playing the drums, but in every day situations at work, I notice a huge difference in the way my wrists feel.

While drumming before I started using Powerball® my wrists would feel tired and give me a numb/pins & needles sensation from my wrist to the end of my thumb, leading me to believe I might drop my drumsticks. Since I started warming up with Powerball® before I practice, however, all tiredness and tingling have disappeared. I’m so happy I purchased this product.

Emily Jacklin, Lincolnshire, UK.



‘My hand used to always cramp after I returned to knitting after a few years, it had got so bad I nearly gave up. I have been using Powerball daily for a week and the pain has gone.’


‘I bought it because age and wearing joints mean that I was losing the ability to grip with my right hand. A week after using the Powerball my grip is improving and the usual joint aches and pains of age have virtually gone so it has already served its purpose. As an exercise tool for wrists and arms, it seems to do everything it claims.’


‘Unbelievable little thing and easy to use, I would highly recommend it, bring it to work with you and use it a few times a day, I used it for about a week back in June and a pain I had in my wrist for 2 years went.’


‘The RSI killer, Purchased the Powerball to help me with my RSI – which it is doing no end! Recommended to me by a physio no less’


Voted by the Independent newspaper as the ‘Best Desk Exerciser’, Read Review Here.


Broken bone rehab. No problem.

Here I am getting ready to take on the ‘Hand’ Jackie Johnson, 13 weeks after I broke my humerus and had a 6in plate with 8 screws put in it. Thanks to the best rehabilitation tool out there, Powerball..! As A Physician Assistant I would recommend this to any of my patients with hand, wrist or arm injuries!

Alex Ross, 
Paris, TN, USA