Forearm Rehab Exercises Made Easy with Powerball


Building strength in your arm can be difficult after an injury. The extended period of rest required for recovery means your arm is less engaged and muscle wastage can be an issue. Luckily, there is Powerball – a revolutionary device for arm rehab and strengthening. Spinning this unique gyroscope for as little as 3 minutes a day can help you regain the strength needed for a fast and effective recovery.

See for yourself why over 4 million people worldwide enjoy the myriad of benefits that come with spinning a Powerball.

Build Muscle Mass After InjuryBenefit from Non-Impact Arm RehabReduce Reduce Recovery TimesPrevent Future Injury


Build Muscle Mass After Injury

Muscle wastage (atrophy) can sometimes be an inevitable side effect of arm injury. Muscle wastage usually occurs during recovery, when your muscles are less engaged. Atrophy is particularly common when you have suffered from a fracture or sprain and your arm is put in a cast. Once your injury has healed and you regain mobility in your arm again, it is important that you start building muscle mass by practicing regular strength training. Spinning Powerball for just 3 minutes a day is enough to effectively build muscle along the entire kinetic chain of the arm, counteracting the effects of atrophy.


Benefit from Non-Impact Arm Rehab

Even if your injury has fully healed, your arm will still be weak post-recovery, especially if you have suffered a fracture or undergone surgery. Spinning Powerball generates 100% non-impact isometric resistance, which places absolutely zero strain on sore or weak muscle and bones.
You control your recovery: choose the speed and intensity of your arm rehab, simply by spinning Powerball faster or slower – the choice is yours. With this in mind, you need never worry about over-exerting yourself or worsening your injury when you exercise with Powerball.

What types of arm rehab can Powerball be used for?

  • Fractured or broken arm
  • Sprained arm/elbow
  • Repetitive strain injuries (RSI)
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • General arm rehab & strengthening

Reduce Recovery Times

Powerball’s dual action of strengthening and rehabilitation is what sets it apart from other exercise devices. Spinning Powerball allows you to strengthen as you recover, which helps your muscles and bones to heal faster. An arm injury, such as a fractured arm or sprain can really only heal itself over time, however using Powerball supercharges the healing process, cutting rehabilitation times and ensuring long-lasting results. You really have to spin this incredible gyroscope to feel the difference – pick up a Powerball today and experience the benefits for yourself.


Prevent Future Forearm Injuries

As you grow stronger, you can gradually build spin speed and quickly progress through each stage of your recovery. But don’t stop there – continuing to use Powerball for arm rehab on a regular basis even after you have fully recovered from an arm injury is a great way to maintain muscle mass and joint health. Its compact size makes it easy to spin Powerball on the go, in the car or at the office. Regular strengthening sessions with Powerball ensure your arms remain healthy and strong, greatly reducing the risk of sustaining another arm injury in the future.



Follow Forearm Rehab Exercises

Here at Powerball, we’ve worked closely with physical therapists and sports injury professionals to design helpful exercise videos with your arm rehab in mind. Check out the range of video programs on our videos page or watch the accompanying video for a step-by-step guide to arm rehab and strengthening.


Do you have one of the following injuries?

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Arm Fractures and Breaks

Regular exercise with Powerball is a simple, yet effective way to maintain upper-body health and rehabilitate injury. Spin Powerball for as little as 3 minutes a day to alleviate the symptoms of pain and start feeling strong, healthy & pain-free once more.

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In March of 2013 I suffered a complete tear of my right bicep at the forearm, in April of 2013 it was surgically repaired by placement of a “bicep button”.  As a Chief at a major Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee and a right handed law enforcement officer I was immediately worried about rehabilitation and all the talk of nerve numbness.  I was given putty to mold with my hand as my first rehab, needless to say I was scared and skeptical therefore I was searching for real therapy.  I located the “Powerball” on-line and while still in a mechanical brace I began my powerball rehab.  The gyroscope action was immediate therapy felt in my forearm almost like a nerve wake up.

I then contacted your company for a heavier product and within two weeks had moved in my opinion to advanced movement.  In the first month my surgeon even asked what I had been doing and I replied my “powerball”! I continued to use my Powerball through my 5 weeks of mechanical brace and at 8 weeks post-surgery I qualified and returned to full duty.  There is no doubt in my mind the powerball stimulated my recovery and I still sit at night and let “it” work my arm!  As a bonus I played my first 18 holes of golf this week and had no side effects….Thanks for taking the time to answer those first early emails and helping me return to service! Andy

Chief Inspector Andy Boyd
Shelby County Sheriff’s Office                    
Investigative Operations Bureau
5295 E. Shelby Dr
Memphis, Tennessee 38118


I am a professional musician in a symphony orchestra in Glasgow, Scotland and experienced RSI problems down the front and back of my left forearm as a result of playing viola for a living. My arm and wrist were constantly throbbing from the moment I woke up in the morning.

I tried many different remedies for my problems; massages, acupuncture, ibuprofen cooling gel, stretches. Nothing helped. Then I saw Powerball® advertised online. Within 48hrs of its arrival, my problems were already getting noticeably better. After a just week the RSI had disappeared entirely. This was after a solid 8 months of problems. You can imagine how much this means to me, thank you so much!

Rik Evans, Glasgow, Scotland

Broken bone rehab. No problem.

Here I am getting ready to take on the ‘Hand’ Jackie Johnson, 13 weeks after I broke my humerus and had a 6in plate with 8 screws put in it. Thanks to the best rehabilitation tool out there, Powerball..! As A Physician Assistant I would recommend this to any of my patients with hand, wrist or arm injuries!

Alex Ross, 
Paris, TN, USA

You will notice a difference in days.

“The repetitive movements of tennis regularly result in wrist, elbow and shoulder strains. 3 years ago one of our players began using a Powerball to help rehabilitate a wrist injury. I was highly sceptical about what this spinning ball could do and so was well surprised when it helped greatly speed their recovery. Since then we’ve been using Powerball for both rehabilitation and strengthening of our player’s arms and wrists.

It takes a little practice to get the movement right but once you perfect the technique and follow a simple programme you will definitely notice a positive difference in days.”

Frans Beckengret, Head Coach, Rutgers Tennis Academy