Prehabilitation Made Easy with Powerball.


Prehab is a new and proactive approach athletes take to avoiding pain and injury. If you are an athlete, play sports or are simply worried about what working in an office and typing all day is doing to your hands and arm health, then worry no more. Powerball can keep you healthy and prevent possible injuries before they occur.
Find out why over 4 million people worldwide have benefited from Powerball and see how you can use this powerful device to prehab and prevent injuries in your day-to-day.

Prehab & Prevent InjuryRehabilitate Existing InjuriesStrengthen Your Upper Body


Prehab and Prevent Injury

Powerball is so effective at prehab and preventing injuries because of the isometric, non-impact exercise that it generates when you spin it. Repetitive movements from athletes, musicians, drivers or simply from your day to day tasks can leave the joints in your upper limbs susceptible to injury like RSI (repetitive strain injuries). Powerball trains your muscles and joints to be stronger and withstand injuries that you might have incurred without this training. Prehab with Powerball is important because it saves you the time, pain and energy that it takes to recover from injury. Spinning Powerball for just 3 minutes a day is all that it takes to effectively prehab your upper limbs and prevent injuries from ever occurring.


Rehabilitate Existing Injuries

Powerball is the perfect device to aid with rehabilitation and will help you achieve full recovery in no time at all. Spinning Powerball encourages the flow of oxygen and healing nutrients to the area of damage, be that in the wrist, hand, forearm or shoulder. Once there, these nutrients repair and rejuvenate any damaged muscle tissue or tendons. This allows for gentle, yet effective rehabilitation that yields quick results.

Use Powerball to rehabilitate a wide range of injuries including:

  • RSI (repetitive strain injuries)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tendonitis
  • Tennis elbow/Golfer’s Elbow
  • Muscle Tears
  • Broken/Fractured Bones or Sprains
  • General pain
  • Numbness

Strengthen Your Upper Body

Powerball generates 60 times its own weight in pure isometric resistance, making it the perfect training device for maintaining arm, wrist and hand health. Spin Powerball at high speeds for as little as 3 minutes each day and immediately feel the difference. Turning your wrists against Powerball’s isometric resistance rapidly increases muscle strength resulting in stronger wrists and a more powerful grip. Strong, healthy muscles means less risk of injury – it’s as simple as Powerball.



Prehab with Powerball

Many of our Powerball models feature a LCD speed meter which allows you to track your strength and endurance gains. Monitor your results and push yourself that bit further every day. Whether you use it for strengthening or rehabilitation, Powerball’s LCD speed meter is an easy way to track your progress.


Prehab, Rehab, Strengthen

Check out the pages below to see how Powerball can help you to both avoid and rehabilitate injury today:

Hand & Finger StrengtheningWrist RehabForearm RehabilitationStrength & EnduranceWrist Strengthening

Recommended Product Categories
Recommended Product Categories

Physician approved

I find that Powerball works very efficiently to both strengthen grip and rehab arm conditions for sportspeople and patients. Additionally, I find Powerspin to be highly beneficial for shoulder and upper back rehabilitation.

Dr. Aidan W.D. Robinson,
D.C., M.Sc (Chiro), MRCCSEF, CCEP

ITRM Clinical Director.

Perfect for all racket sports. Add more power to your shot.

Powerball is an excellent strength training device for all racquet sports, allowing you to get a little more power into your shots. As a physics teacher, I also find it to be a great teaching tool as I talk to my students about centripetal force and rotational inertia!

Jeff Moreau,
West Chester, PA, USA


I am a professional musician in a symphony orchestra in Glasgow, Scotland and experienced RSI problems down the front and back of my left forearm as a result of playing viola for a living. My arm and wrist were constantly throbbing from the moment I woke up in the morning.

I tried many different remedies for my problems; massages, acupuncture, ibuprofen cooling gel, stretches. Nothing helped. Then I saw Powerball® advertised online. Within 48hrs of its arrival, my problems were already getting noticeably better. After a just week the RSI had disappeared entirely. This was after a solid 8 months of problems. You can imagine how much this means to me, thank you so much!

Rik Evans, Glasgow, Scotland


On the 8th of March last year, I tore a Rotator Cuff tendon in my right shoulder whilst playing squash. Before that day I was competing in long distance open water Masters swimming events, playing squash and golf regularly and loving it. I have seen many physiotherapists and consultant osteopaths, had an MRI scan and purchasing numerous products design to help me cure my shoulder. I’ve spent many hours exercising with bands.

However, after nearly eight weeks of using an amber Powerball 250 Hz Regular, I am convinced it has done the trick. I’ve recently bought a Vortex that I’m also very pleased with. I use it for about 30 minutes every day and plan to continue until the day I’m pushing up daisies.

I am now slowly but surely swimming again and playing squash and golf. I’ve been a sad man during the time I could not play my sports. My Powerball has made me a happy man. Sounds very corny but is very very true.

Dave Wright, London, UK