Build Muscular Strength and Endurance with Powerball


Powerball works like no piece of exercise equipment you’ve ever picked up. Increasing muscular strength and endurance with immediate long lasting results is easy with this simple, yet powerful device. Find out why over 4 million people worldwide have benefited from using Powerball.

Increase Strength & EnduranceStrengthen Grip, Wrists & Forearms Compliment Traditional Weight TrainingPrevent Injuries (Muscle Damage & RSI)


Build Strength & Endurance

Isometric training with Powerball is a highly efficient method of building muscle strength and endurance. Stronger muscles with greater endurance capacity mean you can work out harder for longer, and it reduces the risks of repetitive strain injuries on the forearms or wrists following long training sessions.

Pick up a Powerball and feel the power immediately.

Powerball is like a rapidly spinning vortex in your hand; the faster the engine spins, the more inertial resistance it generates, working your arm harder and harder until your muscles are burning and screaming for you to stop. And because it generates pure isometric resistance, Powerball engages almost the entire group of fibres in each muscle that it’s exercising, ensuring that you’ll reach fatigue in a much shorter time frame than with traditional exercise methods (less than 30 seconds in fact, if you really accelerate Powerball’s rotor speed).

Put down your dumbbells and take a fresh look at the way you exercise – these small balls really can build arms of steel.


Strengthen Grip, Wrists & Forearms

Powerballs are similar to a baseball or tennis ball in size and weigh between 300 – 600 grams (0.6 – 1.3 pounds). However, these handheld gyroscopic strengtheners pack a serious punch. Despite their diminutive size, they can generate over 60 times their own weight in isometric resistance to give you incredible muscle pump. Spin Powerball for as little as 1 minute and feel the same muscle pump as you would after a long weights session. The secret of a Powerball is the gyroscopic rotor that is inside every model. The faster this rotor spins, the more resistance you feel.

Pushing against Powerball’s unique resistance rapidly builds muscle from fingertip to shoulder. Use Powerball at high speeds for just a few minutes each day and feel the difference immediately:

  • Build arm muscles
  • Increase wrist strength
  • Dramatically improve grip power
  • Build tendons of steel

Compliment Traditional Weight Training

Unlike conventional isotonic training (weight lifting, etc.), resistance strengthening with Powerball is fully isometric. Isometric exercise engages a far higher percentage of muscle fibres than isotonic exercise does, allowing you to achieve strength and endurance gains faster. This also means that Powerball is a complementary product to anyone who is serious about strengthening. Use Powerball in conjunction with any training regime and see the improvement in your endurance goals in no time:

  • Strength gains – especially grip, wrist & forearm
  • Huge improvement in muscle endurance
  • Warm up and down before sports or gym sessions
  • Injury prevention (muscles tears, repetitive strain injuries (RSI), sprains, etc.)

Prevent Injuries (Muscle Damage & RSI)

Spin Powerball at high speeds and instantly begin to feel its immense power working its way along your entire upper arm. As you fight and push against the resistance generated by Powerball, you are strengthening not only your muscles, but your joints and tendons as well. In this way, Powerball trains every component in your upper arm, providing you with a deep layer of body armour and effective injury protection.



Body Armour For Your Hands, Wrists & Arms

Powerball allows you to target every group of muscles – from your fingertip all the way to your shoulder. This depends on how you grip Powerball and the positioning of your arms. You can find our full list of videos and exercise programs in our videos section.


No matter what your game, improve it with Powerball.

Check out the pages below to see how Powerball can help you improve your sporting performance today:

Hand & Finger StrengtheningWrist StrengtheningPrehab

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Recommended Product Categories


Here are two main reasons to get one of these. Strengthen your hand and arms. The second? To have fun!

If you’re looking for a way to strengthen your arm and hand, Powerball will definitely help you with this. Specifically, you have to hold on to it, so it works the gripping muscles of the hand. It also works the wrist muscles, because you have to rotate your wrist to keep the motion going. Lastly, your biceps will get a workout as well, because your biceps muscle helps turn your palm up (supination), which is one of the motions involved in keeping the gyro spinning.

If you are looking get the above muscles stronger and in better shape, then the Powerball will certainly benefit you. Because it can spin progressively faster and faster as you get stronger, the Powerball can provide you with a progressive resistance of sorts to get you stronger and stronger over time.

Now the second reason to get a Powerball, for fun, really needs little explanation- it’s just too much fun seeing how fast you can get this thing spinning! Perhaps the only non-fun thing about it is that it does take a little practice to get the hang of it, and when you’re starting out and can’t keep it spinning, well, that can get a little frustrating. However, it doesn’t take long, and one thing that helped me in the beginning was to keep my elbow straight as I was practicing getting the technique down.

All-in-all a cool device and useful tool- don’t think twice and give it a try!



Very addictive and once you get the hang of it (in the first 5 minutes), you really can feel it working on your muscles. Brilliantly usable whatever you’re doing. Love it!

S. Singh

5 Star Review


I can’t begin to say how great this product is, it has so many different techniques for building up wrist strength, bicep strength, pectoral strength and the health benefits like RSI.
I tried it out for so long when I got it I took a bit of skin off of my finger! but stuck a plaster on and in the first hour and a half I reached a speed of 10131.

All in all its great fun and addictive and with the benefits of increasing strength/rehabilitation, you can use it anywhere while reading a book, watching TV, running etc.


5 Star Review

Well I would just like to say WOW!!!! it took me about five or ten minutes to get it to work and afer that I was hooked. I can definately feel the difference in my muscles which feels great by the way. I need to build up my strength as I am a mechanical assembler and do a lot of heavy lifting. I’m sixty years old and hope to benifit greatly from the exercises. I am a woman who likes to keep my shape and still have fun exercising, Powerball is doing all of this for me. Watching the saphire white light when the ball is spining increases the excitement and of course trying to beat my score is adictive. I can’t wait to show it to my friends, by the way I never did grow up 🙂

I. Gallagher

5 Star Review

Perfect for all racket sports. Add more power to your shot.

Powerball is an excellent strength training device for all racquet sports, allowing you to get a little more power into your shots. As a physics teacher, I also find it to be a great teaching tool as I talk to my students about centripetal force and rotational inertia!

Jeff Moreau,
West Chester, PA, USA


I’m a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist who also enjoys rock climbing. 7 years ago I fractured my distal radius, as well as damaging the TFCC of my right wrist. After doing some basic rehab on myself, I was able to continue working but experienced regular aching, pain and clicking in my right wrist.

Then I tried Powerball®. After the first week, I noticed definite improvement in how my injured wrist felt and now use it to maintain strength and range-of-motion of both of my wrists and hands. As a physiotherapist, I can appreciate the way Powerball® helps my hand strength and endurance and targets imbalances I have developed in my forearm muscles from working and climbing – the fact that I can exercise these with no compression through my wrists is massively beneficial.

Brett Winks, Gold Coast, Australia.